WINTER IS COMING! Our tips on how to prepare your house for winter!

Winter has crept up on us fast this year! And Jack Frost has definitely made his mark and is here to stay! So here at Norgrove Sales and Lettings we thought we should share with you some of the nifty tricks that you could use to save some money and keep the house nice and toasty!


We’ve all been sat there feeling like a frozen sausage roll on the sofa with the worlds supply of socks and blankets on, but there is nothing worse than flicking the heating on and finding out that its gone KA-PUT! Luckily at Norgroves we recommend some pre-winter checks to prepare your boiler!

  • Check the boiler to see if the pilot light is on. If it’s on then you should be toasty in no time! If it isn’t follow the instructions in the manual (or on the side of the boiler it’s self sometimes), this should help you relight the pilot light!
  • If the pilot light still doesn’t light check that there is power going to the boiler by checking the switches going to the boiler unit.
  • Thirdly, try a new fuse plug. It might be as simple as the unit needs a new fuse. The manual should have instructions on how to find the fuse, but if you’re unsure call a professional!
  • IF ALL ELSE FAILS GET A BOILER SERVICE! But make sure that you use a Gas Safe registered Engineer, this will ensure your boiler is fit for the winter!

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No doubt during our spring clean and summer sort-outs we have probably had a shift around of the furniture! We all like to feel stress free and de-cluttered during the summer months but when it comes to winter we realise that that being there just isn’t going to work!

    1. The biggest culprits are sofa’s! We often stick them in front of the radiators, but in the winter then can block most of the heat coming from the radiator, so having the heating could be wasting money and not doing a lot of heating!
    2. Wooden floors may look stunning, but all the heat could be escaping literally right under your feet! The cracks in the planks provides a nifty space for any drafts to come through and any heat go out! Invest in some rugs to minimise the gaps whilst also keeping your toes warm!
    3. You probably already know that the biggest culprits for letting heat out is the windows! If you’ve got curtains close them to help keep the heat in and tuck them into the back of the radiator! You could even invest in a pair of thermal curtains! (They do exist, google them!)
    4. Have you heard about THERMAL WALLPAPER! Insulation is one of the best things to keep the heat in but it can be quite expensive and take a while to fit. Therefore thermal wallpaper could offer a great alternative. It’s thicker than normal wallpaper and ever so slightly more expensive but it could make all the

difference to those heating bills! Check it out here!


We are blessed with the ability to just whack a pizza in or heat a meal up in the oven, especially on those cold winter nights when maybe we aren’t feeling our best! But once we take our food out of the oven we often just slam the door shut again! But one of the best heat sources in the house is our oven! It stays warm for a long time and is there anyway!

So once dinner comes out of the oven, leave the door open and let the heat transfer round the house and you’ll be toasty in no time! But always keep the little ones away from the oven and don’t forget to turn it off when you’ve finished cooking!!

Or alternatively, when you have to dry your hair with the hairdryer, keep the door shut! This will trap the hot air that comes from the hairdryer!



Double glazing is probably the best investment you can make to keep your house warm when winter hits. But the only problem is it can be expensive, and if you’ve already had to have the boiler serviced or have wall insulation in then you might need to find another slightly cheaper alternative!

Try double glazing film (Yes, like thermal wallpaper it is also a real thing!) which is not quite as expensive as replacing the windows in the house! A pack has enough film in it to cover the windows of a medium sized house and can cost anywhere from £3 to £25 depending on the merchant and the brand. But it can stop the heat escaping out of any cracks in the window and the seal around the sill.

However the only downside is that if you need to open the window you would have to break the seal. But with it being fairly cheap you could just pick up another roll at some point and replace the film!

This is a good alternative for tenants especially! Using double glazing film doesn’t mean changing the structure of building in anyway therefore you wont be breaking any clauses in your tenancy agreements!



You’ve probably already heard of this nifty little trick but its a great idea if you haven’t already! Wasted heat is wasted money, so if you could stop all this heat being wasted you would! A little DIY trick could help you save those crucial pennies and all you need is regular old tin foil!

Some of the heat from the radiators get absorbed into the walls behind, but by putting tin foil behind the radiators it will reflect the heat back into the room rather than it escaping into the walls behind. It’s a cheap and quick idea and if you’re feeling really nifty you can make the tin foil into a T shape to hang on the brackets of the radiator.

But if you’re feeling a little more flush you could invest in foil specially made for this purpose. This can come in a couple of different forms, with some types being foam filled as well to give you that little extra insulation. But if not normal insulation will do the trick!


Yes you read that right, you can heat your home with a TERRA COTTA pot and a candle! This is really easy to put together and could save you a fair bit of money on your heating bill!

What you need is three Terra cotta pots in 3 different sizes so one can fit inside another, a candle in a glass jar, a bolt that is roughly 6 inches long, a washer and somethin

g to put the candle on e.g some bricks.

  • Take the largest pot, turn it upside down and put a washer and thread the bolt through the bottom.
  • Turn the pot the right side up and put another washer on the inside, then a nut to keep the washer in place. Repeat this step adding the next smallest pot onto the bolt and add the washer and nut.
  • Then add the bricks either side of the pot to support them just slightly higher than the candle which you place underneath the pots.

There you have it, your own mini furnace! The Terra cotta pots probably wont get hot enough to heat the whole house but it will heat a room and help to heat the house! Plus candles last a fair while and if you do happen to have a blackout then at least you have a light source in those dark winter nights!


giphy-downsized (1)



We have passed on our little tips to keep you warm in the house this winter and some frugal ways that you could be saving some money! If you’ve got any tips and tricks comment below and let us know!

Remember if you are a tenant, if you are having any trouble with your boiler or heating or could do with double glazing it is always best to contact the landlord or your agent first and they will give you help and advice with anything that you need to know!

Contact us here at Norgrove Sales and Lettings if you need any advice or guidance about what to do in the winter months or if you have any property related questions!






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